About Us

Hi, I’m Elle.

If you’re looking for premade book covers, you’re in the right place, especially if you’re looking for something cheap or inexpensive. You could of course buy an ebook cover creator of some kind, but they don’t really come recommended for fiction covers.

All of our cover designs are priced at $55 for a front ebook cover alone. If you want to add a POD—print on demand—cover, there is an extra $35 charge. This is a 6×9 KDP Print cover that has been properly sized and allows for bleed, trim and fold. Typically, this will be a solid, complimentary color for spine and back. If one of the layers of the front cover was something I had to crop, I may be able to continue it around the folds. If not, I will not be purchasing another image, so a solid color will be used, as mentioned above.

For a $45 ebook cover design, you’ll still get a pleasing cover—at least in my opinion! However, if you’re looking for a custom cover or something very complex, you’ll need to find them elsewhere. We’re trying to provide a middle ground. Not everyone wants to waste their time with a book cover maker or a cheesy cover that costs $5. And not everyone can afford a cover designer that will spend hours perfecting a masterpiece or creating a design based on your vision.

Our aim is to provide you with a cost effective book cover. We typically have designs for most genres on sale, so hopefully you’ll be able to find something to buy that you actually like, and is in your price range.


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